[VIDEO] Brady The Golden Retriever Gives Himself A Bath


This video shows Brady the Golden Retriever puppy giving himself a bath.  Yes, by himself!  I’m sure someone else turns on the faucet for him.  But that’s the only human help necessary for Brady.  The description writes that Brady takes a shower or takes a bath everyday.  Certainly a water dog!

In the video, we see Brady climbing into the bathtub, playing in the water, then gets out of the tub, and pulls down a towel that’s hanging on the rack.  He can somehow gets the towel to cover his back, to absorb some of the water, and walks to his doggie bed.   He takes out the squeaky toy, makes himself comfortable in his bed, and takes a nap.  This is a self-help dog!

Enjoy watching Brady the Golden Retriever puppy give himself a bath.


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