[VIDEO] 2-Weeks-Old Bulldog Puppy Attempting To Crawl


The 2-weeks-old Bulldog puppy in this video is attempting to crawl.  Attempting because she stays pretty much where she is, yet she exercises her strength to move a few inches.  Congratulations, puppy!  Even though she is only 3 pounds at this filming, she still has to develop muscle strength in her legs to move around.  I am glad she rests in between attempts.

I am glad that this Bulldog puppy girl is on a carpet.  It’s so much easier to grab on to something when she’s learning to crawl.  And I am glad her legs are against the wall, so she can push against that to give herself some leverage.  Anything to make that first step easy for her.   She has such a sweet face and soft eyes.

Enjoy watching this sweet Bulldog puppy girl make her first attempts at crawling.


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