[VIDEO] Bulldog In Love With a Fish

video of a Bulldog in love with a fish

The Bulldog in this video is in love with a fish.  They are great friends.  And they can’t wait to see each other for a visit!   The French Bulldog is Daisy.  The Koi fish is Frank.  Daisy’s mom explains that whenever she goes out to feed the fish, Daisy comes along, and loves to sit on her lap so she can visit with Frank.

Frank recognizes Daisy, and swims over to her immediately.  Daisy licks Frank, and Frank does the fish version of kissing Daisy back.  Then Frank swims away and comes back to play with Daisy some more.  Daisy’s mom says that if Daisy has her way, she’d be out by the pond visiting with Frank for hours.  It’s interesting to know that Daisy can’t swim.  But that doesn’t stop her from seeing her water friend.

Enjoy watching this sweet friendship between a dog and a fish.

Image source:  Carrie Bredy via wgauradio


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