[VIDEO] Retriever Shows Puppy How To Swim


The Retriever in this video is showing a puppy how to swim.  His name is Toby, and the puppy is Lexi.  Lexi is just 12-weeks-old, but already she is showing signs of a water dog.  She loves sitting in the water fountain above the swimming pool.  She sees how much fun Toby seems to be having in the swimming pool, and wants to be a part of it.

Toby is a great teacher.  Without needing to nudge Lexi, Toby simply walks into the pool, and Lexi follows suit.  It’s funny how when Toby gets back out, Lexi held on to Toby’s tail.  What a smart puppy.  When Lexi tries to climb out by pulling on the edge, Toby sees that it’s too hard for her, so he takes the steps, and Lexi follows behind.  Just by example, Toby taught Lexi to be comfortable getting in and out of the pool.

Enjoy watching this teacher extraordinaire!

Image source:  via 4Gify


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