[VIDEO] French Bulldog Puppy Sleeping And Dreaming


The French Bulldog puppy in this video is sleeping and dreaming.   Watch the sweet twitching, the moving of the mouth, as if he’s tasting something.  And look at the sheep toys around this puppy.  The music for this video is really well-selected.  It’s not a lullaby, yet fitting.

I like watching the little legs kicking, the arms waving around.  Even the left ear of this puppy twitches involuntarily.  I was curious about these involuntary movement, so I read a bit on the topic.  According to Vet Street, dogs dream, just as we do.  In their Rapid Eye Movement phase, they act on their dreams by twitching or moving as if they are chasing something.

Enjoy watching this sweet puppy happily sleeping and dreaming about something wonderful.


Article source:  via Vet Street


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