[VIDEO] 6-Weeks-Old Corgi Puppies Play With Students At Georgia Tech


The 6-weeks-old Corgi puppies in this video are playing with students at Georgia Tech.  This team of students are developing something wonderful for infant health.  There’s nothing like spending a day with these puppies to refresh their busy brains and be inspired by these pure positive little ones.

The first part of the video is about the puppies playing outdoor.  Rather, the students having a ball with the puppies outdoor.  Then they move indoor, and that’s the best part of the video.  The puppies have been playing all day, and are tired out.  So they fall asleep in the arms of these students, and some, in a baking pan.  Because that’s the best fitting “bed” for these exhausted puppies.

Enjoy watching these 6 joyful puppies playing and spending a day with these students.

Image source:  via Pipdoggy


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