[VIDEO] This Schnauzer Puppy Only Eats Kibble When Hand Fed


The Schnauzer puppy in this video only eats kibbles when he is hand fed.  His name is Chumpie, and he is actually miniature Schnauzer.  Chumpie is 7-weeks-old in this video.  He does not particularly care for kibbles.  He definitely won’t eat it when it’s presented to him in a big bowl.

So Mom tries putting the kibble in a small bowl.  Still Chumpie turns his head away.  Then Mom puts one kibble in her hand and presents it to Chumpie.  He gradually comes around and take the kibble.  Mom thinks he is spoiled, but I think Chumpie is very smart to train Mom early on so he gets what he wants.  Smart puppy!

Enjoy watching Chumpie train Mom how he likes his food.


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