[VIDEO] Puppy Adopted By Mama Cat And Her Kittens

This puppy was adopted by a mama cat

The puppy in this video is adopted by this Mama cat and her kittens.  The pup was rejected by his mother at birth.  He happens to be born on the same day as these kittens.  The Mama cat has such strong mother instinct that she adopts this puppy as her own baby.  Watch how she licks him and cleans him and nurses him as her own baby.

Cats and dogs follow different social rules.  This applies to feeding time as well.  So this puppy instinctively breaks the feeding peace of his cat family.   His kitten sister meows her objection.  Mom sees what’s happening, and simply moves herself a bit to let the little ones rearrange themselves.  They’ll figure this out by themselves.

Enjoy watching this sweet video of a puppy being adopted by a loving Mama cat.

Image source:  via Daily Mail


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