[VIDEO] Bulldogs Doing Funny Things (Well, To Us)


This is a funny video of several bulldog doing funny things.   The first Bulldog definitely demonstrates the tenacity of their temperament.  He’s made up his mind to do something–rolling down the driveway in the mini truck.  Even if it turns over and throws him out, he just gets back on and push the truck uphill for another ride.  See the spirit of determination in this puppy?  The second puppy just KNOWS there is another Bulldog in the mirror, and he is going to bark and bark until his mirror friend comes up to play with him   Again, he’s not giving up easily.  The puppy that’s rolling on his back will soon learn not to lie on his back unless he’s sure he knows how to get back up.  You see the kitten that keeps bothering the peaceful Bulldog?  They get along with other pets in the house.

And the snoring dog?  Well, that’s just to be expected of Bulldogs.  It’s the way they are built–the short nose.  If you are planning to get a Bulldog, know that they snort and snore.   And they can snore loudly!  If you are a light sleeper, put their dog bed in the other end of the house so you can get a good night sleep yourself.  And also, that short muzzle of theirs need special attention in the summer time.  When it gets very hot and humid, they need to be kept indoor where there is air-conditioned.  They can get overheat quite easily if they are outside in the summer heat.  If you see sign of stressed breathing, remove them immediately from the outside, and take them into a cooler room.  Get them some fresh water.  And even though this breed needs exercise, you want to walk them in the cool morning or evening.  And that lovely face of wrinkles?  Wipe their face and folds everyday so no dirt or particles stay trapped.



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