[VIDEO] This Shiba Dog Loves Greeting Customers


This Shiba dog is famous in Japan.  His name is Shiba Chan.   He used to bring cheers to customers that visit his Mom’s store in Western Tokyo.    Japan Info shares that locals and tourists from around the world go to this little store to buy snacks and cigarettes just to say hello to this friendly Shiba Inu.  Owner Hisako taped the window in such a way that enables Shiba Chan to use his paw to open the window.  Sometimes he likes to get his nose in the action too.  As soon as Shiba Chan hears the bell rings, he hurries to the window and opens it to greet his customers.  This would alert his Mom that customers are waiting.  Tourists would post videos online, and Shiba Chan’s fame grew on the internet.  His Mom created a guest book so visitors could sign their name or write messages, even include their photographs.

Shiba Chan has a window seat right below the customer window so he can see everything that goes on, yet allows him to stay cool, as it can get very hot in the summer in Japan.  His favorite snack is cucumber.  That’s why you see him with a cucumber in the video.  What a healthy diet.  Provides him with liquid.  It’s healthy, and keeps him cool in the summer.  Of course he gets dog treats from the customers as well.  Some people actually go out of their way to shop here just so they can start their day with a smile on their face.  The store closed a couple of years ago.  Many customers miss seeing their Shiba friend on their way to work.  But their fond memories are captured in their mind and in the guest book.  You can read the entire article here.

Article source:  Japan Info


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