[VIDEO] Bulldogs Enjoying Life


The Bulldogs in this video are enjoying life.   By themselves, with human friends, doing human activities, acting like humans sometimes.

Start with scene #1.  Isn’t that how a human sit when watching a game on TV?  She must have been observing her human, and thought she might try it out.  Scene # 2.  It’s never too old to sleep with a stuffed animal.  Scene # 3.  Enjoying a mud bath.  Scene # 5.  Where is the fairest one of all?   Scene # 7.  I see why the humans like to watch TV from bed.  Scene # 9.  This Bulldog can skateboard as well as Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future.   Scene #10.  There is no rule that says all 4 legs have to be on the treadmill!   Scene # 14.  I love my cat massage.

Enjoy this video filled with fun-loving Bulldogs!


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