[VIDEO] This Dog Prefers To Dine With A Friend


The dog in this video prefers to dine with a friend.  The names of these two dogs are Bonnie and Clyde!    Watch how the human put the food bowls apart, with plenty of space in between.  He probably assumes that dogs prefers some space when they are eating.  But that’s not what Bonnie (the small dog) wants.  She enjoys having someone to eat with.  Humans like to have dinner companions, to socialize, to chat.  Why wouldn’t our dog friends want the same?   

Watch Bonnie pick up her dish, and walks backward toward Clyde, puts her bowl down next to Clyde, and starts eating again.   Bonnie was adopted from the Sato Project.  Sato is dedicated to rescuing dogs from Puerto Rico, and the organization has rescued and rehabilitated over 1,400 dogs since 2011.

This is a sweet video.  I wish it were much longer.

Image source:  Alison Groves on Flickr


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