[VIDEO] Caring For A Puppy’s First Night In New Home


This is an excellent video on caring for a puppy’s first night in a new home.   The explanation makes a lot of sense to me.  This man suggests that we bring a new puppy home on a Friday, for those who work during the week.  This leaves us plenty of time to be with the puppy over the weekend.

Since this is the first night the puppy is away from mom and siblings, it’s nice to put the puppy’s crate on your bed, so he’s near someone.  Put some clothing item in the crate with the puppy so they can smell our scent.  Then you can gradually put the crate farther away from you.  This sounds like an easier transition for a puppy who just left his mom and siblings to live with a stranger, even if we’re are his new family.

I hope this video is of value in helping your new puppy adjust the first night.


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