[VIDEO] Rescue Puppy Relaxing In Bath


The rescue puppy in this video is relaxing in his bath.   He is around 2-weeks-old at this filming.  The wonderful volunteers at this organization care for these rescue puppies like their moms.  Bottle feeding them, bathing them, keeping them clean.  It’s a labor of love.  Everything that the puppies’ moms would do for them, these volunteers do.

The woman in the video explains how volunteers like her help these puppies.  The puppy that’s taking a bath under the running faucet is so relaxed he looks like he is falling asleep.  Or actually asleep.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all puppies can relax into their baths like this little one?  No struggle.  No objection.  Just relaxing, relaxing, relaxing into sleep.

Enjoy watching this little one zone out under the bath water.


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