[VIDEO] Cat Walking A Dog


Cat walking a dog?  YES.  THAT’s what you’ll see in this video.   And the dog is completely okay about it.  (I think.)   The cat acts as if it is her responsibility to walk the dog.  I suppose her human has trained her to do so since she has hold of the leash.

It’s interesting to see something out of the ordinary, isn’t it?

My guess is, in this family, the cat is like the older sibling who’s given more responsibility.  And the dog is like the younger sibling, being taken care of.  Probably the cat has been in the family longer than the dog.  That’s why that “hierarchy.”

I think it’s very nice of the cat to pause when they are going up the stairs to go with the dog’s pace.

Enjoy this leisurely, seemingly ordinary video.  Yet, somehow extraordinary.


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