[VIDEO] Puppies Finding Fun In Ordinary Things


The puppies in this video find fun in doing ordinary things.   It’s relaxing to watch these little ones find pleasures in things as ordinary as a doorstop, or a pile of leaves, or a mirror.

Take for example, the puppy in the first scene (who looks like BOO, maybe it IS BOO) is just licking.  Nothing special, right?  But have you ever tried licking after a delicious bite of dessert?  The after taste lingers, and is still enjoyable.  Could THAT be why dogs don’t worry because they are so present in enjoying every moment?

And look at the dogs who see a pile of leaves, and KNOWS he must dive in!  Look at the exuberance on his face when he comes up from inside the leaves.  Totally worth raking the leaves again for this little one, if only to watch how much joy he gets out of it.  Not to mention the joy WE get out of watching him.

And listen to the 3 darling puppies with a voice that can melt anyone!  And can melt away stress.  I especially like the puppy sitting in the backyard who can roll his tongue.  Listen to his “rrrrrrrrrr”!  Love his voice!

Enjoy this video of ordinary pleasures that brighten these puppies’ day, and OURS !


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