Photos Of Dogs And Kitties Being Buddies


This article is filled with photos of dogs and kitties being buddies.  The beautiful images are compiled by Ali Velez of Buzzfeed.

Here’s what I like about Image # 1–There’s such comfort between these 2 friends.  I think belly is perceived to be a “vulnerable” place.  Letting a friend relax on a vulnerable spot indicates real trust to me.    Image # 2–I notice how similar the eyes look between this dog and his cat.  I know they are not related, but there’s something there.

Image # 4 — Epitome of comfort, trust, hanging-out kind of friendship    Image # 8  — Simply precious   Image # 10 —  I’m not sure if the dog is as into long hugs as the cat is. 🙂  Image # 15 — THAT’s intense eye contact!  And really close too.   Image # 16 — A dog who truly loves cats.  Image # 20 — the BEST kind of mattress!   Image # 23 — They KNOW we KNOW they are buddies. 🙂

CLICK here to see the other lovely buddies.

couch pottoes

Article source:  Ali Velez of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Instagram via Buzzfeed


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