[VIDEO] Dog Gently Wakes Up Her Owner


The dog in this video wakes up her owner ever so gently.  Her name is Lexi, and she is a Samoyed.  And she would like to go for a walk with her human dad.

Her human wants to sleep in a bit, and Lexi would rather he gets up soon.  Remember Garfield the cat?  And how he wakes up Jon?  Well, this is completely opposite!   The gentlest tap on the shoulder.  Tap tap tap.  Tap tap tap.

And when Lexi’s human is not responding as she wishes, she puts her paw on her face.  Which is also the sweetest thing–the way she does it.

Lexi has her own facebook page.  And the name of her page is Lexi the Samoyed.

Enjoy this very soft video.  Maybe YOU’d like to use this to wake up in the morning. 🙂


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