[VIDEO] Charlie The Beagle Best Playmate For Toddler


In this video, Charlie the beagle is being the best playmate a toddler can have.  He’s not someone who is content to take naps all day, he really likes to “raise” the toddler as if she’s his own child.  Charlie absolutely adores his little girl.  He is like her shadow.  Wherever she is, there’s Charlie.   He takes it upon himself to be one of the caretakers of the baby girl.   He really looks out for her.  When she drops a toy, he picks it up.  When she wants to play ball with a balloon, Charlie sends the balloon back with his nose.  He gives her lots and lots of love and kisses.   I admire how this family creates an atmosphere of harmony and respect between humans and dogs.  Charlie is treated as one of the members of the family–an equal member who helps with caring for a toddler.

This is a tender video of how Charlie cares for his human baby, and his friendship with her.


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