[VIDEO] This Maltese Puppy Gets Relaxing Bath


The Maltese puppy in this video is getting a nice relaxing bath.  From his face and body language, this bathtime is not so bad.  I know for many dogs bathtime can be stressful.  Something to hide from.  But it is not the case with this puppy.  I think it has a lot to do with how the woman provides an experience that feels as relaxing as possible for the pup.   She speaks gently to the puppy, saying “It’s nice and warm, nice and warm”, then gently puts the puppy down in shallow water to get him used to the temperature.  Actually, the tone of voice, the calming tone, and the warmth of the water help.  Notice she also starts with the feet, then the body, and the head last, which is the part puppies object to getting wet the most.  So the experience feels the least intrusive to the pup.  And she uses the spray only when it’s necessary.  And even then, she filters it through her hand, so the spray is gentle on the puppy.  All in all, the puppy feels that baths are not so bad.

Enjoy watching this beautiful puppy get a relaxing bath.


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