[VIDEO] Dogs Who Are Adored By Cats


The dogs in this video are adored by cats.  And why wouldn’t they?  Judging from the way their cat friends dote on them, these cats must think the world of these dogs.  Puppy # 1 are buddies with his kitten friend.  When he lies down to take a nap, the kitten snuggles against him.   Dog # 2 has a fan who gives him a neck massage, then snuggles up to nap with him.  She puts her paw in his mouth.  What a sweet act of friendship.  Dog # 3 is a bed for a couple of kittens.  Yes.  A bed.  Imagine the kind of trust that invites these kittens to feel this safe and sleep ON their dog.   And the other dogs in the rest of the videos care so much about their cat friends that they volunteer to be the pillow.  Their cats appreciate the friendship very much and groom the dogs.

It’s a warm video filled with tender moments of friendships between dogs and cats.

Image source:  via Imgur


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