[VIDEO] Torkel The Samoyed Rocked To Sleep


The Samoyed in this video is Torkel, being rocked to sleep by his dad.  It is a precious sight to see his dad holding Torkel in his arms and gently rocking him just like he would rock a baby.  Look at those sharp little teeth when Torkel yawns.   He is so content to be in his dad’s arms.  The rocking motion does work.  You see Torkel closing his eyes in relaxation, then falling asleep.  And it was within a minute.   Who looks more relaxed?  The dad or Torkel?  You can tell the place this puppy has in the man’s heart.   Imagine coming home and relaxing like this.  Your favorite pup in the whole world is in your arms, leaning into you, wanting to snuggle with you and spend quality time with you. You lean back, with your baby in your arms, and your pup is starting to fall asleep in your arms.  Isn’t that just the most precious moment?

Enjoy relaxing with the puppy and the dad in this video.  It’s a very sweet one.


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