[VIDEO] 8-Week-Old Shih Tzu Coming Home


The 8-week-old Shih Tzu puppy in this video is coming home to her new family.  Her name is Leia.  She lives in Chicago with an older doggie sister named Lilly.  At this filming, Leia is just 8 weeks old, and the scenes are from her first 2 days in her new home.  She adapts fast!  It looks to me as if she’s been with the family longer because she is so comfortable, and feels a part of the family already.  I like how she plays with Lilly.  This is a very smart puppy.  When she plays with the older dog, Leia knows to show respect for the one who’s already there.  The way she rolls over to show respect to “The Godmother???” 🙂   I love her spirit of independence, knowing what she wants.  When mom tries to take a stick from her mouth, she turns away because she likes to keep it.    The older dog, Lilly, seems to start taking the puppy under her wings already.  When they walk down the long hallway, Lilly keeps looking back to see if the puppy is catching up.   Like an older sister.

Enjoy watching this 8-week-old Shih Tzu exploring her new home and bring delight to this family.


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