[VIDEO] Labrador Carrying Puppies In Backpack


The Labrador in this video is carrying her puppies in a backpack.  Even though it’s the human who thought of this idea, this Lab mom looks happy to be strolling with her babies on her back.  Remember Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan suggests that it’s a good idea to give our dog a job to do?  Even if it’s just carrying a water bottle on their back.  Well, this mom is doing a meaningful job.  Maybe I’m reading into it, but I think she looks proud and pleased to be showing off her youngs to the world.  I also like the attention that’s drawn to this Labrador mom.  I think it helps more people appreciate dogs to an even greater degree.  I would like to see more dogs carrying their puppies on their backpack.  It made me smile just watching the video, and I am sure the people walking past the Lab mom also smile when they see the lovely sight.

Enjoy watching this proud Labrador mom carry her puppies in her backpack.


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