[VIDEO] Christmas in July with Jesse The Jack Russell Terrier


This video is less about Christmas in July with Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier than a way for Heather (Jesse’s mom) to share a message of what NOT to give someone for Christmas.  The video is very well done.  It’s all acting.  Jesse does get along with the little puppy (Lucky).  With all the tricks Jesse knows, running away from someone is all part of the act.  Heather’s message is that having a new member of the family (a puppy or a rescue dog) is a big responsibility that affects our daily life in many aspects.  Some people receive a puppy as a Christmas gift who are really not prepared for this kind of responsibility.  This adds to the increase of dogs in the pounds.  I appreciate Heather stressing the importance of knowing what we are getting into when we bring home a lovely dog.

Enjoy this very well made Christmas video by Jesse’s mom.


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