[VIDEO] Compilation Of Charming And Fun-Loving Bulldogs


If you are a Bulldog lover, this compilation of charming and fun-loving Bulldogs will delight your heart.  There are Bulldogs in this video who are music lovers.  Puppies who voice their strong opinions, even when they are still tiny ones.

What are Bulldogs like?

And if you own a Bulldog, you’ll recognize the snoring sound.  A couple of them are having a verbal disagreement with their pet parents.  They certainly believe that their opinion is every bit as valid as their parents’ opinion.  And they’ll have the last word.  And that voice is ever so endearing to listen to.

Bulldogs have a sweet disposition.  They love kids.  Actually they get along with everyone.  A very social breed.  They are friendly and easy going, according to Dog Time.

Bulldogs don’t bark much.  Even so, they make good watchdogs.  They are known for their courage.  Because they do not need a lot of exercise, they would do fine with apartment living, as long as you take them for a walk everyday.  They are indoor dogs and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.  Lots of naps on your sofa.

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

Bulldogs make a great companion for children.  They are so loving that they will put up with a lot from them, although no dog really should have to put up with torment.  But they’ll just walk away if they are tired of dealing with it.  Always teach children how to respect and approach dogs, both for their safety, and out of respect for dogs.

If you are considering getting a Bulldog, please look into rescue organizations.  Many dogs are there for different reasons.  Some former owners did not understand what goes into owning a dog, or a particular breed.  Some might have lost a previous owner due to death or divorce, and are very appreciative of having another chance of being in a loving home.

You can read more about Bulldogs here.  Enjoy this compilation of very charming and fun-loving Bulldogs.

Article source:  Dog Time


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