[VIDEO] Golden Retriever taking care of baby

video Golden Retriever taking care of little girl

The Golden Retriever in this video has got to be the most responsible and attentive babysitter!   No wonder the mother left him in charge of the baby.  He sleeps not far from the baby.   When the baby awakes, he rocks the crib a few times, then hurry upstairs to get the mom.  He even stops halfway up the stairs to take one more look at the baby.  He found mom doing the laundry, and got a hold of her dress and kept pulling it gently until she comes with him.  What an effective communicator!

He follows mom down the stairs to make sure the baby is taken care of.  A very thorough babysitter!  He sees to it that Mom does her job.

Golden Retriever babysitting

In a second scene, this Golden Retriever babysitter again sleeps near the baby, this time in the bedroom upstairs.  The baby woke up and started crying.  The Retriever went over to comfort the baby, even place his paw on the baby’s heart.  This dog KNOWS what he is doing!

Dog Pool Collapsible by Jasonwell
Dog Pool Collapsible by Jasonwell

Then he hurried down the stairs, accompanied by two poodles who got excited by his urgency.   He rushed to the kitchen, where Mom is cooking.

Mom had her back to him and did not see him coming.   So he stood on his hind legs and put his front paws on Mom’s back.  When she kept cooking, he grab her skirt and pulled on it until she follows him.  He hurries after Mom to the bedroom.  After Mom picks up the baby, the Retriever got up on the bed so he could touch the baby.

And the last scene is just precious!   He is taking the baby for a walk, pushing the stroller.  Some may think walking on hind legs is hard for a dog.  Actually, some dogs do not mind at all, but rather enjoy it.  There’s another post with a Pug pushing a small stroller with a doll in it.

Enjoy this very sweet video of the most caring babysitter!


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