[VIDEO] Compilation Of Puppies Doing Something Cute


This video is a compilation of puppies doing something cute.  The first scene is Brody Brixton learning new tricks, with sister Misa Minnie helping him learn what she’s already mastered.  The woman in the 4th scene is relaxing with her puppy.  Talk about pet therapy.  Even though it’s the puppy that looks relaxed, can you feel that the woman is equally tranquil and relaxed too?

Then there’s the scene of 2 Husky puppies putting the other person’s mouth in his own.  This is one of the cutest things that puppies do.  “Let’s see what I can fit in my mouth.”  Then there’s the adult pug humoring his puppy friend, jumping around on the bed.

Enjoy the different scenes with puppies that delight you.


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