[VIDEO] Puppy Grooms His Dog Friend


The puppy in this video is grooming his dog friend.  Their names are Tuto and Juj.  I am guessing that Tuto is the dog on the left, and Juj is the puppy. The names seem to resonate with the dogs.  Tuto wraps his arm around Juj, who keeps licking and grooming his friend.  Tuto turns his head so Juj can get better access.

It makes sense that dogs groom each other.  There are places hard to get to by oneself, such as under the neck and behind the ears.  Actually the ears themselves.  It’s cute that Juj tries to get up once, but because Tuto has his arm around Juj, he decides to stay where he is.

Enjoy watching these two buddies cuddle up with each other.


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