[VIDEO] Corgi Puppies Enjoying Life Compilation


This video is a compilation of Corgi puppies enjoying life.    The puppy in scene 2 is totally relaxed, so much so that his arm goes limp when his dad is rubbing his chest while he is asleep.  Now THAT’s relaxed!  Actually, in another scene, a woman lifts the paw of a sleeping puppy, and the arm is completely limp.  The puppy did not even wake up when his arm drops!

In another scene, one Corgi pup is biting the tail of another.  In another, the puppies are sleeping, with their legs all curled up.  Henry the pup has a team of cheerleader as he learns to go down the stairs.

Enjoy watching these dear Corgi puppies enjoying life.  And sleep. 🙂

Image source:  Sindy on Flickr


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