[VIDEO] Tiny Pomeranian Puppies Playing With Mom And Each Other

Pomeranian puppies showing their personalities

The tiny Pomeranian puppies in this video are playing with Mom and each other.   There is something to watching tiny fluffy Pom babies move around that puts a smile in our day.  These little boys and girls don’t watch for traffic.  They keep bumping into each other.  Fortunately, none of them takes issue with it.

It’s amusing how the brown puppy keeps backing up and bumps into the same girl, who happens to be an easy going person.  One of the puppies like to interact with Mom, and is eager for more.  Another one can do with or without it.  Even at this early age, the personalities are coming through.

Enjoy watching these joyful Pom puppies play with Mom and each other.

Image source:  via PetFinder


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