[VIDEO] Corgi Puppies Amusing Themselves Compilation

video Corgi puppies having fun

This video is a compilation of Corgi puppies amusing themselves.  Some of the Corgis are “exercising” or playing by Corgis’ definition.  One was actually using a giant exercise ball.  Another does a belly flop into the swimming pool and loves it!

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Another puppy plays tether ball all by himself.  This is actually a very perfect way for Corgis to entertain themselves.  This is an active breed who were once cattle herders.  They need lots of exercise.  So if you have activities that engage both physical exercise and mental stimulation, that would be a perfect combination to keep your Corgi from getting bored and from getting overweight.   on their body, the easier it is on their spine.

How much exercise does a Corgi need?

For Corgis, potential weight gain is not just about maintaining a healthy body, but also to prevent back problems because Corgis have a long body.  The less weight they have to carry on their back, the easier it is on their spine.

Because Corgis  have an instinct to chase, dig, chew, retrieve, and herd, you can help them redirect their energy through exercise.  The puppies may need to ease into it while their bodies are developing.

Corgi Care suggests that they exercise at least 2 times a day.  The first one can last 45 to 60 minutes, and the second one 30 to 45 minutes.  Corgis need aerobics exercise. But if you have a couch potato, ease him gently into it so his body won’t get stressed out.

If you don’t have time to take them for the two outings, you might train your Corgi to use your treadmill.  In fact, there are treadmills for dogs.

If you have time to take him to a dog park where he can run leash-free, he would love that freedom and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs.  Make sure he is already trained to come to you on command before you take him to a leash-free area with other dogs.  You can read more about the exercise needs of Corgis here.

Article source:  Corgi Care


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