[VIDEO] Marnie And Friend Enjoy Gourmet Meal Prepared By Famous Chef

video Marnie the rescue dog and friend enjoy gourmet meal

Every dog deserves to have a gourmet meal like THIS one!   In this video, Marnie and her friend Ripley, are enjoying just such a gourmet meal.   Award-winning chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten was asked by Bon Appetit to prepare a healthy meal that is dog-friendly meal for a couple of furry friends who were rescues.   (Yes, Marnie’s friend is also a rescue dog.)

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Philippe, the Director of Operations for Jean-Georges, begins the video by welcoming Marnie and Ripley to the restaurant. Then he personally took the order to the kitchen, where famous Jean-Georges Vongerichten, a Michelin Star chef, prepare this special meal for our famous rescue dogs.  Jean-Georges began his career preparing food for dogs in France.  Today he is preparing a  healthy and dog-friendly meal for our celebrities.  He taste tested the food first before serving it to his guests.

A Gourmet Meal for Marnie the Rescue Dog and Friend

First course:  Roasted bone marrow with salmon roe and brioche croutons. It looks like Marnie and Ripley are more into the marrow than the salmon roe.  Second course:  Orecchiette and meatballs with fresh ricotta.  Both dogs like this dish.  Marnie’s long tongue is an advantage here, lapping up the sauce.  She is so focused even her ear is on the plate.

Then a glass of water was offered to these guests to cleanse their palette before dessert is served.  Ripley lends a helping tongue to finish Marnie’s leftover.

Third course: Peanut butter ice cream sundae.  Someone even helps Marnie with making the dessert more bite-sized for her.  After dessert, Chef Jean-Georges personally makes an appearance to check how his guests enjoy the meal he prepared for them.  And he pulls them both in for a hug.

At the end of the video, there’s a message that encourages audience to adopt and provide a loving home for dogs who are rescued and now waiting to enjoy warm family life.  I also delight in watching 2 dogs who once were rescued and lived in shelters, now enjoying a gourmet meal prepared by a renown chef.   They totally deserve royal treatment!


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