[VIDEO] Corgi Puppies In Everyday Life

Corgi puppies having fun video

The Corgi puppies in this video are just living their everyday life.  Being themselves.  Being lovely.  Being adorable.

Besides enjoying tricks, these puppies like belly rubs.  A couple of them have such relaxed arms that when their humans pick up just one arm while they are sleeping, the arm goes limp.  Isn’t it nice to have muscles that are in such a relaxed state?   And when they are sleeping, the little ones sometimes thrash their legs about.  For whatever reason they do this, it’s enjoyable to watch.  And it’s so sweet that the puppies touch their siblings when they are sleeping.  At least one paw would be touching another’s back or arm or leg.   Until they turn over, that is.

And watching fluffy pants get out of the tent is just fun!


Image source:  Imgur


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