[VIDEO] Sweetest Golden Retriever Puppies


This video is filled with the sweetest Golden Retriever puppies enjoying their young lives.

Turn up your volume for this video because the music enhances the experience.  There are so many good feeling scenes in this video.  The cuddly puppies, feeding from a spoon, testing out their teeth, chewing on ice cubes, lying in the water bowl to cool off, rough housing, playing with mom, getting belly rubs, licking the camera, experiencing a trampoline, being in the midst of bubbles, napping, getting their tummy brushed, waving their little paws, reaching for leaves on a plant.

It just feels good watching these little Golden Retriever puppies do their normal things.  Especially when they look right into the camera.  It’s like they are interacting with you!  Enjoy this video.

Image source:  Marcos Leal on Flickr


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