[VIDEO] Patient Dog Lets Girl Use Tail As Paint Brush


The dog in this video is the most patient dog in the world.  His name is Mikko.  The little girl is Scarlet.  Mikko lets Scarlet use his tail as a paint brush.   Mikko must have a very gentle temperament to not just get up and walk away.  He doesn’t look very thrilled about it, but he’s okay letting his friend borrow his tail.  To many dogs, this is a part of their body they would not tolerate being handled.  The father is telling his daughter to be gentle with Mikko.  This is smart of the father to build the habit in his young daughter of being gentle with pets.  There are quite a few ways to teach our children how to be gentle with pets.  Vets Toronto describes 10 of them.  In this post, I’ll share just three of them.

One of these ways of teaching our young ones to respect dogs and be gentle with them is to demonstrate how to touch a dog, and which parts are okay to touch.  Vets Toronto suggests that we ask a child to first watch how we touch a dog, then we make sure that our child knows how to do this properly.  Repeat until we are confident that our child has mastered this.  Another behavior to teach children is to respect the space of our dogs.  If they are sleeping, eating, or simply want to be away from people, to leave our dogs alone.  Explain to our children that this is not the time to follow them.  This is the time to give the dog some space.  Another behavior that is beneficial to teach our children is to ask permission before petting a dog.  When they see a dog in the park, it’s natural for children to want to pet the dog.  Not all dogs welcome interaction with children.  So it’s always safer to have our children ask the pet owner if it’s all right to pet their dog.  I hope you enjoy watching the very patient Mikko allowing Scarlet to use his tail as a paint brush.

Article source:  Vets Toronto


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