[VIDEO] Corgi Puppies Learning To Walk

mini Corgi learning to walk

Corgi puppies learning to walk–it would be easy to get lost just watching them all day and getting nothing else done.  In this video, we get to watch some lucky people play with these tiny Corgi puppies.  I don’t see too many videos of such tiny Corgis.  They look absolutely adorable.   This video was made by a Corgi breeder.  I went to their website and read that they deliberately breed their Corgi to have a shorter back so they have can have a stronger spine.

Their belief is based on research done by veterinarians and by research in some veterinarian schools.  A blog named Own Responsibility has an interesting view of Corgi.  The writer believes that Corgi is not for a first time owner.  In fact, not for the owner accustomed to Golden Retrievers or Labs may be in for a surprise if they decide to get a Corgi.

Characteristics of a Corgi

Many breeds are herding dogs, Corgis included.  But not all herding dogs work the same way. Collies, for example, herd dogs by eyeing and stalking.  Corgis, on the other hand, is much more physical about their job.  They herd cattle by chasing, biting, and barking. And this instinct has someone manage to stay around.

Dog fleece jacket with pocket
Dog fleece jacket with pocket

Just imagine a Corgi doing its job with cows that weigh over 1,000 pounds.  This is not a job for just anyone.  It demands high level of intelligence, making snap decisions as the environment changes, solve problems on the spot, and work as a team. This requires having a strong mind and being able to work independently.

When you train a Corgi, be consistent.  This is a high energy dog, so they need their exercise.  And make it interesting for them, not repetitive activities.  Jogging or running with you may not be the best choice, even though they run fast.  Unless you are running on sand or soft dirt, running can put stress on their back.  In fact, anything that puts stress on a Corgi’s back should be avoided, as it can promote back problems.  You can read the entire article here.

And if you like this video, here is another one of a Corgi playing with his many toys.

Image source:  via Precious Pooches    Article source:  Own Responsibility


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