[VIDEO] This Golden Retriever Is A Fantastic Dancer

video golden retriever who loves to dance

The very talented Golden Retriever in this video is a fantastic dancer.  Her name is Carrie.  Her owner is Jose Fuentes.  Jose loves to dance, and so does Carrie, perhaps her way of playing with Jose.  Jose said that he and Carrie started dancing together as a way to amuse the family and to have fun.  So he started teaching Carrie some tricks.

Carrie absorbs what she learns so quickly that Jose had to come up with more things to teach her.  Talk about intelligence!  Then Jose noticed how much Carrie likes to be on her hind legs.  She has strong leg muscles.  And he noticed that Carrie likes to wave her arms from side to side while she is on her hind legs.  That might have been the observation that gave Jose the idea to teach Carrie moves that eventually come together as a dance routine.

A Golden Retriever who loves to dance

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Watch some of the moves where Carrie is in front of Jose and cannot be taking cues from him.   Often, when we teach our dogs new tricks, they need to look at our hands or listen to a command.  Can you imagine the kind of training these dogs go through to memorize their dance steps by heart?    Alexander Robertson shares some stories about Carrie as well as more photos in Daily Mail.

This Goldie memorized her steps.  And that dip!  It takes a great deal of trust to let someone hold your entire weight, with your head toward the floor.  Carrie and Jose have been on shows around the world.  They’ve been on Letterman and France’s Got Talent.  And they auditioned for America’s Got Talent.  Some of the dances that Carrie and Jose have done together includes Merengue, Salsa, and Cumbia.  There are more photos of Carrie in this article.  You can see them here.

Enjoy watching Carrie, the talented dancing dog!

And if you enjoy watching dogs that are musical, here is one of 2 Retrievers who have perfect pitch!

Article source:  Alexander Robertson on Daily Mail


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