[VIDEO] Corgi Puppies Playing

video Corgi puppies playing

The 3-weeks-old Corgi puppies in this video are learning to walk.  And a few of them are even starting to rough-house to a small degree.  So cute when they mouth each other.  When they are puppies, Corgis look like 4 short legs supporting a big head!

This breed is loving and intelligent. Corgi’s are originally bred to herd cattle, according to Dog Time.  They are very and trainable.  And they are great with children.  Just remember that their herding instinct can lead to nipping at the ankles.  So train them early on to eliminate this nipping, especially if you have children around that the Corgi may want to “herd.”

What are Corgi’s like?

It is good to teach children how to respect and approach a dog, and when they are young, supervise their interactions with the puppy to make sure neither gets hurt accidentally from rough play.

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It’s surprising that many Corgi’s need to be fostered or adopted.  Many people get a Corgi without understanding what goes into taking care of one.  If you are looking for a Corgi and assume a purebred can only come through a breeder, please check with a local shelter or rescue group first. Many Corgi’s are in need of adoption.

Corgi’s are happy people, with an independent streak. They do think for themselves.  Corgi’s love their food, so food can be used as a training tool.  But go easy here, this breed can become obese if we don’t watch their waistline.

They bark if they suspect someone might be up to something with their family or their home, so they make good watch dogs. Like all dogs, socialize your Corgi pup early on and expose them to many different sights and sounds, so they grow up to be a well-rounded adult. You can read more about Corgis here.  

If you like this video, here is another Corgi video for you to enjoy!

Article source:  Dog Time


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