[VIDEO] Playful Corgi Puppies Compilation


Here is a video compilation of playful Corgi puppies.  Corgis are joyful, sometimes entertaining and comical.  Some of the Corgis in this video are talkative.  All of them are powerful communicator with their eyes, with their directness.

The advantages of adopting a Corgi

Adopt A Pet writes that there are many Corgis and Corgi puppies for adoption in animal shelters or rescue groups.  Yes!  Purebred Corgis!   Sometimes dogs may run away, get lost, and without identification.  And they end up in a shelter.  Or sometimes the former owner is unable to continue caring for the dog for one reason or another.   According to Adopt A Pet, it’s actually safer to adopt a Corgi from either shelters or rescue organizations if you have young children, unless the Corgi has been well-socialized to be around young children.  The reason is that when you adopt an adult Corgi, he is probably already housebroken and calmer.

Fostering dogs to prepare them for permanent homes

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Dog fleece jacket with pocket

Dogs that are evaluated as adoptable are matched with foster homes, where they are cared for until they have a permanent home ready for them.  During this time, the foster parents have time to evaluate how much obedience training the dog needs and get to know more about their temperament.  They are in a better position to answer questions such as would this dog be good around children or other family pets?  Animals in shelters are there not because they are inferior dogs in any way.

Several rescue organizations had quotes in this article describing Corgi temperament.  Corgi are highly intelligent, and they are herders.  They want a job to do.  It’s best to pair them with older children due to their herding instinct.  Even though it’s all right for a Corgi to live in an apartment, they do need their daily exercise.  If not, they can get barky.  And be sure not to overfeed a Corgi.   You can read the entire article here.  Enjoy watching this wonderful compilation of joyful Corgis.

If you like this video, here is another one of a Corgi who rushes to comfort a little girl.

Image source:  Daniel Stockman on Flickr

Article source:  Adopt A Pet


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