[VIDEO] Playful Husky Puppy Playing With Loving Mom

video husky puppy playing with mom

The playful Husky puppy in this video is playing with his loving mom.  What a rambunctious pup! Mom is enjoying a sunny day in the cold outdoors, and her energetic puppy keeps interrupting her quiet time.  Yet, she lovingly entertains him.

video husky puppy playing with momEven though they are outside, next to a yard covered with snow, they are completely comfortable.  Probably just what they love, since they originally come from cold climates.  Huskies have a thicker coat than other breeds, according to AKC.  Their undercoat is like a dense cashmere.  And those of us who have worn cashmere sweaters know how warm they can be.  Their top coat is longer and coarse.

What are Huskies like?

Huskies are pack dogs, as they were originally bred as sled dogs.  Remember watching TV shows with Huskies sled team providing transportation for us?  They are accustomed to being part of a group.  They really like to be part of the family, and don’t appreciate being left alone by us for long periods of time.

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They get along with other dogs.  They are good with children.  And they are friendly, even with strangers, which means forget them as watchdogs.  Huskies have a lot of energy.  Do fence in your yard because they chase after small animals.

These wonderful dogs have contributed greatly to our history.  When they served as sled dogs, they travelled long distance, carrying light load in low temperature.  They served in the Artic search and rescue unit in the army.  Huskies were the ones that travelled with the Byrd Expedition in Antarctica.  And during a 1925 epidemic in Nome, Alaska,150  Huskies did a relay of almost 700 miles in 5 and a half days to get diphtheria antitoxin serum to save the community.  It was also known as the Great Race of Mercy.  You can read more about Huskies here.  Enjoy watching this Husky puppy playing with his loving mom.

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Article source:  AKC


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