[VIDEO] This Corgi Rushes To Comfort His Crying Friend

video Corgi rushes to comfort crying friend

What compassion!   The Corgi in this video knows just what to do to comfort his crying friend.  This little girl is upset about something.   Her Corgi friend heard her crying, and walks over to her, sits on her lap, and leans his head into her hair.   Almost immediately, the little girl wraps her arms around her dog and stops crying.  What a magical moment.  Imagine how long it would take a guardian to soothe this little girl with words.  This Corgi takes all but a few seconds.  And without saying a word.  You can hear the change in the breathing of the little girl.  This is a remarkable change.

How do children benefit from growing up with dogs?

It’s no wonder dogs are used to bring comfort in dental office and other places where children may feel stressed.  And it’s no wonder that many dogs are serving as therapy dogs.  They are quick to detect our emotions.  They instinctively know how to soothe us. They get close to use, make physical contact, and simply BE with us until they sense that we feel better.

Children can turn to their dog for comfort

Dog fleece jacket with pocket
Dog fleece jacket with pocket

There are quite a few benefits of having dogs grow up with children.  One of them, you’ll witness in this video.  There are times in a child’s life when she is facing something that feels bad to her, and there isn’t anyone who understands why it’s so terrible.  Having a dog as a friend, she can find comfort quickly, and distracted from whatever was troubling her.  Cuddling with a pet is a great way to relax and soothe someone. ‘

Another benefit is that there are studies that show how interacting with animals affects the body chemicals that make us feel good.  Interacting with dogs simply makes children happy.

Having a dog helps children learn responsibility

Learning responsibility is another benefit.  Walking the dog, feeding the dog, brushing the dog are all enjoyable ways for children to spend time with their beloved pet.  Yet they are learning to take care of someone in the process.

Enjoy watching this very sweet Corgi comforting his little friend.

And if you like Corgi videos, here is one of a Corgi spending quality time with a cat friend.


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