[VIDEO] Goldendoodle Loves Her New Bed

video Goldendoodle delighted with new bed

The Goldendoodle in this video just got a new mattress, and is super excited about it.  Her name is Bonnie.  Actually, her pet parents prefer to call her a Groodle instead of a Goldendoodle.   They jokingly said that they wouldn’t want the other puppies in kindergarten to laugh at someone with the name Groodle.

Bonnie’s parents have just bought her a new comfy dog bed.  As soon as they put down the dog bed, Bonnie tries it out, and is absolutely delighted with her new bed.  Bonnie is an appreciative dog, she jumps up to thank her parents, gets back to her new bed, and gets out again to thank them again.   Some dogs sleep with their owners, and some prefer their own bed.

How to choose a dog bed that your dog loves

Even for the dogs who share their owners’ bed, wouldn’t it be nice to have an option, especially if you have a large dog who likes to spread out across your bed?  According to Amy Brannan on Canine Journal, if you are looking for a dog bed for your friend, there are several factors to help you find the most suitable one for them.  Personality actually comes into play, as well as health, writes Amy.

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For example, some dogs feel more secure if they feel nestled.  There are beds that offer that cozy, cave-like feeling that some dogs find comforting.  And if a dog has arthritis or joint discomfort, having extra support and cushioning feels good to them.  Be sure the cushioning is not the kind that squash down as soon as your dog lies on it.

And there are dogs with lots of fur that get overheat.  A mesh bed that’s off the ground would allow more air to circulate so your dog can stay comfortable through the night.  If you are concerned about the material, there are beds made entirely of organic material, with no chemicals whatsoever.  You can read more about this topic here.

Enjoy watching the excitement that Bonnie feels when she tests out her new bed.  If you like this video, here is another one of this Goldendoodle learning tricks quickly.

Article source:  Amy Brannan on Canine Journal


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