[VIDEO] Groodle Learning Skills Quickly

video Goldendoodle learning tricks quickly

Bonnie is her parents’ joy!  It is easy to see why.   In this video, this Groodle is learning skills quickly.  Her parents do not like the sound of “Golden Doodle”, and prefer to call Bonnie a Groodle (Golden Retriever / Poodle.)  They joke about not wanting Bonnie to get teased for the name at puppy school.

Bonnie is the most alert dog!  Watch how her eyes follow her parents’ cue.  She doesn’t miss a single thing!  And she’s learn to drop her ball when she plays fetch.  Many dogs make you work for it.  It is rare for a Groodle to look exactly like her mother–a purebred Golden Retriever, writes Bonnie’s parents in Dog Breed Guide.  Most I meet have the curly poodle hair.   This is a really well-made video, with segments on the different skills Bonnie is learning.  Watch for Bonnie’s wink at the end of the video.

Story of a Goldendoodle named Bonnie

In this video, Bonnie is learning to identify words and gestures.  By the time she was 11 months old, her vocabulary was at least 80 words.  She can find all of her toys by name.  She can find her family members by name too.

Dog Pool Collapsible by Jasonwell
Dog Pool Collapsible by Jasonwell

Her parents said they taught her to grumble instead of bark when she wanted to get inside the house.  Unless, of course, it is something really important.

Her parents feed Bonnie mostly raw, and they try not to over-vaccinate, in the hopes that she won’t have any allergy issues.

They are very appreciative of the good care the breeder gave Bonnie the first weeks of her life.  She is like the perfect child to her parents—happy, playful, bouncy, loves everyone, tolerant.

Her parents took careful notes about Bonnie’s growth and took many photos of her while she was growing up.  What a wonderful idea!  It’s a scrapbook for our dogs as they grow.

Enjoy watching Bonnie mastering new skills quickly in this video.  If you enjoy this video, here’s another video of Bonnie the Goldendoodle for you.

Article source:  Bonnie’s parents on Dog Breed Guide


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