[VIDEO] Bulldog Puppies Trying To Walk

video Bulldog puppies learning to walk

These puppies’ voice is the best part of this video, although it’s really about these English Bulldog puppies learning to walk.  It sounds like exhausting work, from the way they are both complaining. The white one is mostly using his front legs.  The other puppy is doing a pretty good job already. Still, supporting all that weight with their leg muscles is tiring, since those muscles have not been strengthened yet.

According to The Bulldog Pros, English Bulldogs best benefit from regular, low-impact exercise, from puppyhood to adulthood. This is a breed that is more prone to joint problems because of the way they are built.  Their heavy body rests on those short legs, which are taking all the pressure when they walk, run, jump. Rather, the joints are.  That’s why they can have hip and knee issues, as well as other joints.  For this reason, do not over-exercise your English Bulldogs, especially when they are puppies.

How to care for an English Bulldog puppy

There are different critical growth periods throughout puppyhood, when different parts are changing, and more vulnerable to injury at those points in time.  In the first year (and maybe longer than that) their bones, joints and hearts are still in the growing process.  If a puppy has too much physical activity, an injury can have lasting effects.

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English Bulldog puppies should not be taking long walks or even run a long distance.  Low impact exercise offers safety to a puppy.  The author of the article writes that they allow 30 minutes of exercise or playtime in their backyard for their English Bulldogs.

The adults are allowed to run, jump, wrestle for 10 minutes.  Then they encourage the adults to move into less intensive play for 20 minutes.

Puppies can exercise for the same length of time, but with less intensive activities.

Once they are back inside the house, the activity is more low-key.  That’s not a problem for this breed.  They like to lie down and relax most of the time anyway.  If you like this video, here is another Bulldog puppies video for you!

Article source:  The Bulldog Pros


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