[VIDEO] Bulldog Puppies Clean Each Other After Lunch

video Bulldog puppies grooming each other

The Bulldog puppies in this video are cleaning each other after lunch.  One of them is licking the inside of a sibling, probably to get the last bit of the yummy lunch.  Another puppy is licking a sibling’s ear.  What a clean family!  So why do dogs lick?  Either lick each other or lick us?  Josh Weiss-Roessler writes about this topic in Cesar’s Way.

Dogs like to lick what taste good.  Not only food.  The salt on our face tastes good to them.  (Maybe it’s because there’s no sodium in their food!)  Of course it’s also their way of showing affection to us too.  Another reason they lick (themselves) is to clean.  Like giving themselves a bath.  Cats are not the only ones who like to stay clean.  Dogs do too. Another reason is that dogs’ saliva has enzymes that kill some bacteria.  If they get scratches and small wounds from their daily activities, they can clean their wounds and get rid of dirt.  But if you see excessive licking, they can reopen their wounds.

Why dogs like to lick

If you see your dog repetitively licking the same area, or the same object while he is experiencing some fear or nervousness, there is a possibility that this kind of licking is to relieve stress.  If this behavior is excessive, it can reinforce the anxiety and possibly makes things worse.

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

Still another reason our dog licks us intensely may be to let us know they need something.  Check to see if the water bowl is empty or if the pet door is locked.

And here’s one more reason—a really good reason—why our dogs lick us.  Affection.  Licking for this reason releases endorphins in our dogs that feel good to them.  It comforts them and calms them.

If this gets to be uncomfortable for you and you wish them to do this less, Josh suggests that you ignore the licking, get up and go to another room.  In time, they’ll get the message that when they lick you, you go elsewhere.  They don’t want this, so they’ll adjust their behavior to get what they want—to have you near them.  You can read more about this topic here.  

If you enjoy this Bulldog puppy video, you might also enjoy this one of Bulldog puppies playing.

Article source:  Josh Weiss-Roessler in Cesar’s Way


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  1. Sharon Eaton Reply

    Can you put me in touch with a place where I can adopt an English Bulldog? It can be a rescue place or not. Prefer in my local area or within 25 to 50 miles if possible.

    I live in Tonawanda, NY outside of Buffalo, NY.

    Thank You.
    Sharon E.

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