[VIDEO] Charlie The Beagle Bonding With Laura Olivia


This is a video filled with scenes of Charlie the Beagle bonding with little girl Laura Olivia.  These two friends have a very special bond since the day Laura Olivia came home.  Charlie had already decided that he is going to love this baby.  He cares for Laura like a caretaker would, bringing her blankets, rocking her, making her happy, giving her kisses.

How to help your dog welcome your new baby

As Laura Olivia grows, she also learns to give Charlie love.  The most impressive is how the parents of this family have provided an atmosphere that nurtures this kind of harmony.   One of the reasons that the parents make videos of Charlie and Laura is to encourage viewers to provide an environment where their pets could welcome a newborn baby, and not only welcome, but become a caring partner for the newborn. Many dogs no longer have a place in the family when a newborn baby arrives. Sometimes they need to find another home.

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ASPCA writes a wonderful article about how a dog may perceive the experience of a new baby coming home.

If your dog has not been around children when he was a puppy, this is going to be an overwhelming experience.  New sounds of baby crying, new smells.  You no longer have as much time for him–who has been the “only child” until now.  You can help your dog get ready for this before the baby comes.  1) Teach your dog the skills he needs to interact safely with the baby. 2)  Help your dog adjust to the changes and new experience ahead.

For example, gradually introduce your dog to sounds, smells, sights that he’ll encounter when the baby comes home, and associate reward with these exposures.  A month or 2 before the baby arrives, slowly introduce your dog to the changes in his daily routines, so he has time to get used to it.  Teach your dog to lie down and stay when you are sitting in the nursing chair.  There are other excellent suggestions in this article.  You can read more on this topic here.  Enjoy watching the beautiful friendship between Charlie and Laura Olivia.

If you like this video, here is another one of Charlie the Beagle meeting the new puppy.

Article source:  ASPCA


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