[VIDEO] Beagle Charlie And Laura Welcome New Puppy

video beagle puppy coming home

What a heartwarming video!  Laura speaks so gently to the new puppy in the car.  Watch how tenderly she touches the puppy’s ear, praising the little one.  Laura’s parents have taught her well how to be respectful to dogs.

How this family welcomes a new puppy

If you’ve watched other videos of Charlie the Beagle, this is the same baby girl that Charlie took care of.  She’s older now, and growing ever more loving with dogs.  This family wants more dog owners to know that it is possible to train their dogs to co-exist harmoniously when a new baby is born.  It’s a matter of preparation and training.  And sometimes, for some dogs, that nurturing just comes naturally, as in the case of Charlie.

Calming bed for dogs—new home or travelling
Calming bed for dogs—new home or travelling

It looks like the puppy’s first day home.  Charlie the Beagle is waiting eagerly inside the house.  (And what a great idea to have a double door after the main entrance to prevent excited dogs from dashing out into the street!)

Laura’s mom is introducing the puppy to Charlie by letting him sniff the new pup.  When the puppy is down on the floor, Charlie follows her around, as if already he’s taking on the role of caretaker for this puppy.

One logistics Charlie took care of is to remove his toys.  Ah yes!   That’s important.  There is such a thing as personal belonging.  And some, we just don’t want to share with others.   Watch how Laura goes inside the crate with the puppy, so the puppy doesn’t feel isolated while being introduced to her new sleep area.  Laura is a natural in puppy training.   Now the puppy will associate pleasant experience with the crate because Laura is keeping her company there.  And a good thing it’s a large enough crate to fit both of them.  My congratulations to this family for doing such a superb job of bringing up a daughter who knows how to be kind and gentle with dogs.

If you enjoy watching Charlie the Beagle’s videos, here is another one for you of Charlie not wanting to get up.


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