[VIDEO] Little Girl And Her Dogs Don’t Want To Get Up

video little girl and her dogs do not want to get up

Remember Charlie the Beagle and his friend, Laura?   This is a sweet video of them and puppy Lilly lingering in bed even though it’s time for Laura to get up for school.   With a cozy bed and 2 loving friends with her, who wouldn’t want to stay in that lovely nest?  This family has done a wonderful job creating an atmosphere of love between their child and their dogs.  Since the family got a second Beagle, there must be a very good reason.

What are Beagles like?

This breed is good-natured, and they are peaceful with everyone.  They are also energetic (wonderful trait around children) friendly, and loyal.  Beagles get along with other dogs and other pets.  So if you are a family with other pets and children, your Beagle will fit right in.  They enjoy the companionship of other pets as well as their family.

What Beagles need from you

Heating Pad for Large Dogs
Heating Pad for Large Dogs

Hide food from your Beagle

Since Beagles were developed to be hunting dogs, their nose will lead them.  If you don’t want your food to disappear from the table, put it away.   If you don’t want your trash can to be investigated for food, put it away until garbage day.  And if they smell anything interesting, off they go exploring, even if you call them and call them and call them.   They listen to their nose.  That’s why it’s important to have a secure fence when you have a beagle.

Why is it important to have a fence for your Beagle?

First, they really need a lot of exercise.  They are hunting dogs, remember?   They need to run leash-free.   But they are also climbers and diggers.  So if the fence is a flimsy one, they can easily escape.  It’s a good idea to monitor your Beagle when he’s outside the house.  Don’t leave him there too long by himself.  If he gets bored, he might howl and bay and dig holes.  And even though he would alert you to strangers, he’s too friendly to be a guard dog.  To recap, a good fence AND plenty of exercise and play time will keep your Beagle happy.


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