[VIDEO] One-Month-Old Adorable Afghan Hound Puppy

video playing with an Afghan hound puppy

The one-month-old Afghan Hound puppy in this video is playing with his parents.   It’s nice to find a video of this breed who is not already grown and flowing with its beautiful hair.  Actually, at this age, an Afghan looks almost like any other puppy.  Soon enough, it’ll be easy to spot that beautiful long coat from across the street.  The American Kennel Club calls this breed an aristocrat because they look dignified and aloof.  Well, some of them anyway, according to Michele Welton of Your Pure Bred Puppy.   Some of them can be clownish.

Characteristics of Afghan Hounds

Afghan Hound is an extremely fast runner. They have high hipbones, and can jump very high. They actually gallop.  In fact, it’s not that they need to run miles and miles, they just need to get their energy out through galloping a few times a week.  If they can let out their energy properly, they won’t resort to destructive chewing.

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Afghan Hounds are sensitive to emotions.  If they are around family members who fight and argue, they pick up on their emotions and actually get sick physically.  Their digestion can get quite upset. These sensitive dogs are peaceful, and need to live in a harmonious home.  So if you are planning to get an Afghan, know this beforehand.   Unlike Golden Retrievers, Afghan Hounds are not here to please people.  They are independent thinkers.  If they don’t want to move, they’ll simply brace their legs and refuse to move.  Like other sighthounds, this breed has strong instincts to chase after AND grab creatures that are running away from them, including a neighbor’s cat and tiny puppy.  They need extensive socialization to people and different sounds and sights.  You can read more about Afghan Hound here.

Enjoy watching this 1-month-old Afghan Hound puppy playing with his parents.

Article source:  Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy


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